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Stag Bubble Soccer

What guy doesn’t love soccer? So move over Ronaldo, you and your Stag crew are going to kick some major goals in the most unusual of ways –  with a game of bubble soccer.

Bubble soccer entails you playing the game while half-encased inside an inflated torus bubble that covers your upper body and head. You’ll bounce off each other, and just staying vertical is an achievement. Our Wicked matches generally occur in outdoor fields or indoor spaces.


Regular soccer tactics go out the window as you struggle to stand, but don’t worry, there’s a referee on hand to catch out the cheaters.

Hilarity ensues with a match of bubble soccer, and you and your mates won’t be forgetting about this great match for years to come.

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Reasons Why You'll Enjoy Wicked Stag's Bubble Soccer

  • Inflatable bubble suit
  • Balls
  • Game set-up is done for you
  • Referee to keep an eye on the score

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