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Stag Bungy Catapult

You have to nerves of steel to embark on the Nevis Catapult, which will see you reach 100km/hour in 1.5 seconds! The Nevis Catapult, which has been described as “Bungy Jumping on Steriods”, is the most extreme catapult in the entire world, with the concept being created after seeing a man skydive out of a plane with a bike.

We expect the stag to be quaking in his boots as he is safely secured into a harness that is attached to a strong and extremely safe Bungy cord and held tight to the jumping platform.


Unlike a swing or traditional bungy jump, you are bombarded with three sensations: the catapult, the drop, and then the swing. This is one activity that only serious daredevils should try.

After his incredible feat, why not take the stag out to a bar or pub and shout him a couple of cold ones – he sure will need it!


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  • All safety equipment included
  • Instructors to make sure your Stag makes it to his big day
  • Photos of your catapult

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