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Stag Haunted House

If you think walking down the aisle is scary, you haven’t experienced real fear until you have stepped into the Stag Haunted House in Queenstown.

Legend has it that the haunted house location which was the Old Lockhart Hotel was burnt to the ground at the turn of the century and the old spirits and curses were trapped inside the building. They came back from the dead just to torment the living –  how scary is that?



Your terrifying tour lasts between 20 and 50 minutes – that’s if you can make it that long! Your group will walk the dark hallways with trepidation as scary live actors jump out at you from nowhere and the special effects are frightening.

If it all gets too much you can always scream “chicken” at the top of your lungs and a ghoul will whisk you out of the house to safety. Unfortunately, your name will be added to the “chicken” book, which is something you’ll never live down. So far, 26,000 people have “chickened” out, which gives you an indication of how petrifying this is. This is a night of fright and fun that will separate the boys from the men.


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Reasons Why Wicked Stag's Stag Haunted House Tour Is For You

  • A  20 to 50-minute Haunted House tour
  • Scary live actors and frightening special effects
  • The “chicken” book –  no one wants the dubious honour of being added to it

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