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Stag Laser Tag

With this Wicked Stag adventure, you’ll feel like a character in a science fiction movie as you enter into a futuristic underworld firing lasers at your friends.

Laser tag sees participants use infrared-emitting light guns to tag designated targets and players wear infrared-sensitive signaling devices to find their opponent.


You can play in a team or each mate can be pitted against each other as you lurk in the dark, hide behind corners, trying to outwit your opponent. It’s like paintball without the bruises – it’s incredibly safe as you are using infrared light instead of real lasers. So get ready to get into combat mode with some friendly competition between your mates in an experience that provides a whole lot of fun.


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Reasons Why You'll Enjoy A Stag Laser Tag Experience

  • Full mission briefing by experts
  • Laser tag gun
  • Futuristic battlegrounds

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