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Stag Minute To Win It

Looking for a weird, yet wonderful Stag experience? Then our Wicked “Minute To Win It” challenge will definitely meet your needs. Our Wellington activity will see you and your best mates try and complete 7 challenges using average household objects such as toilet paper, elastic bands, and paper cups in 60 seconds. All the equipment is provided and you’ll even have your own official umpire

Your group will nominate a new contender for each round with points awarded for each challenge completed successfully, and at the end of the event, the team with the most points wins.


Some of the wacky challenges include “Dizzy Mummy” where you have to unravel a roll of toilet paper with a series of 360-degree spins; “Face the Cookie” which sees you having to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without touching your face; “Separation Anxiety” where you have to sort some lollies one at a time using one hand and following a colour pattern; “Dangerous Curves ” where you have to build a racecourse out of shelving brackets and make it line up so you can send a marble through the maze and have it land inside a glass.

These challenges are certainly fun and offer some friendly competition between your mates.

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Reasons Why You'll Enjoy Wicked's Stag Minute To Win It Experience

  • All household objects such as toilet paper, elastic bands, and paper cups
  • Complete set up of the challenges
  • An official umpire

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