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Stag Riverboarding

For the thrill-seeking Stag, it’s time to hit the rapids and bust out your river surfing skills with our  Riverboarding experience. With a custom bodyboard or specialty sledges, you’ll ride the waves of the beautiful Kawarau River, which is a river on the South Island of New Zealand. The river was actually cast as the River Anduin in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings”.

If you’re a beginner, don’t fret, we have activities for every skill level.

If huge waves are not your thing, you can give drifting a go. It will see you and your best mates floating down the river and your own pace.

For those who want a little adventure but like to be in control, try your hand at sledging, which keeps you slightly higher than the bodyboards but you can still feel the force of the river.

And for the real thrill-seekers, river surfing will be right up your alley as you hurtle down the waters at 12km with a bodyboard.

Whatever you choose, there is something for your crew and it’s bound to add some outdoor adventure to your Stag do.


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