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Stag Tank Ride

Take a ride in a piece of Aussie history with our Stag Tank Ride where you’ll jump into a 52 tonne Vietnam battle tank. It’s completely unique Stag experience that you won’t forget.

Our Stag Tank Ride lasts for 90 minutes and the tank boasts a massive V12 motor engine.




You can choose to drive the stick from the gunner’s seat, or you can sit back and watch the tank crush cars. You will feel the insane power of these ex-Army vehicles and we can guarantee this motor experience will fuel your Stag party, making it a truly memorable one.


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Reasons Why You'll Enjoy Wicked Stag's Tank Ride

  • Climb all over 52 tonnes of the Vietnam Battle Tank
  • Enjoy a ride in the world’s only public use Trainer Driver Tank
  • Interact with a V12 motor engine
  • Expert instructors for you and your crew
  • Return Transfers

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