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Stag Archery Combat

Our Stag Archery Combat activity is truly Wicked. Described as “a cross between dodgeball and paintball” you and your mates will be divided into two teams where you’ll battle it out with foam-tipped arrows. You can tag the other team, or simply catch the arrows flying your way.



This high-paced game will bring out your inner competitor, with everyone wanting to be on the winning team. The battle heats up from the very beginning as you have to win an arrow first and that entails you having to try and collect one from the middle of the field when the whistle blows. It’s non-stop action and adventure and an experience you and your mates will really enjoy.

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Reasons Why You'll Enjoy Our Wicked Stag Archery Combat Experience

  • Full playing gear provided
  • Safety equipment
  • Expert staff will be on hand to teach you how to fire an arrow

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