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Stag Axe Throwing

Got an axe to grind with someone? Well, Wicked’s Stag Axe Throwing activity should help you get rid of any pent up frustrations. Axe throwing is similar to darts, where you attempt to hit a bullseye.

This is activity gets your adrenaline pumping and it’s really fun as you get competitive with your mates.



Technique tutorials are included and expert staff will be on hand to ensure there are no ax-idents. Unleash your inner Jon Snow from “Games of Thrones” for one day, but we strongly suggest, you don’t try this activity at home. So give our Stag Axe Throwing a go and see how good your aim is – you never know if you never throw.

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Reasons Why To Try Wicked Stag's Axe Throwing

  • Axes provided
  • Technique tutorials
  • Expert staff to ensure there are no accidents
  • Novelty Viking hat to help get you in character

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