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Stag Canyoning Adventure

Get ready to embrace the daredevil in you by getting wet and wild in the rapids. This full-day adventure is really an adventure.

You’ll be fitted out with harnesses, ropes, and helmets (complimentary photos are available of you and your mates all kitted out) before you embark on the zip-line, down the natural water slides, and abseiling down rock faces.


Wetsuits, booties, helmets, and all of the other technical gear are provided for the day. You just need to bring a towel and we’d suggest, a GoPro to capture the stunning landscapes as you zipline, abseil, throw yourself off a cliff with the adventure of a lifetime through a beach forest. This activity is not for the faint-hearted.


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Why choose a Stag Canyoning Adventure

  • Expert guides
  • Wetsuits, booties, helmets
  • Technical gear such as harnesses, ropes, and helmets
  • Photos of your wet and wild adventure
  • Coffee or tea

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