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11 Mar, 2019, 5:27 am



New Zealand’s North Island is blessed with a wide range of picturesque landscapes, boasting some of the best snow mountainous terrain you’ll ever see.

Auckland in particular is in close proximity to some of best places to hit the slopes in New Zealand, with amazing skiing conditions from mid-June to late October. People from all over the world visit Auckland every year, just to get a taste of New Zealand’s famous winter snow. There are ski fields everywhere, providing plenty of tracks for all skill levels.

If you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier, you can be sure that there are many slopes for you to try. Whether you are wanting to learn on some basic tracks, or step it up on black and diamond runs, Auckland provides the very best ski options within close distance.

You’ll be sure to embark on a ski holiday in Auckland, as you’ll be mesmerised by its enchanting views and magical atmosphere.

If you are looking to find the best slopes for your skill level, you’re in luck! We have rounded up a list of the best tracks for you to try.

Whakapapa Skifield

Located on Mount Ruapehu, Whakapapa is recognised as one of New Zealand’s largest and most popular ski destinations. Being 2.3km above sea level, Whakapapa is surrounded by postcard views of Tongariro National Park.

With 67 named runs, Whakapapa is the biggest and best winter playground in the country. At Happy Valley, new and beginner skiers are provided with 30 groomed trails to master the basics and simply enjoy the experience. Once you have advanced your skills, there are a total of 25 challenging black and diamond runs, providing the perfect place to really test your ability on the slopes.

With amazing views, an excellent ski school, and abundance of tracks, Whakapapa is the perfect place for any skier. People who visit generally drive down from Auckland and stay within Ohakune, which is a neighbouring resort town.

Turoa Skifield

Another well known spot on Mt. Ruapehu, Turoa is one of New Zealand’s largest ski areas with the longest vertical drop at 722m. Skiiers can take Turoa’s ‘High Noon Express’ chairlift, which reaches the highest lifted point in New Zealand, allowing you to feel truly on top of the world.

Turoa provides a ski adventure for everyone, and provides some long, sweeping runs in a gorgeous setting. With loads of hidden snow challenges and stashes, you can be sure to be kept on your toes.

There are a large number of tracks for beginners where you can start your ski journey and even take lessons at the ski school. There are also plenty of black runs and freestyle terrain parks that are sure to get even the most advanced skiers with their adrenaline pumping.

It is an enormous ski area, with 500 hectares of tracks just waiting to be run. There are 40 named trails, with open runs, natural half pipes, gullies and cliffs, including a 4km long sweeping run that will test your ski stamina.


Manganui is best recognised as a family oriented ski resort with slightly more challenging slopes. It also situated on the side of Mt. Taranaki within the border of Egmont National Park, which boasts plenty of back country trails and receives about 120 inches of natural snow each year.

Providing some great tracks for intermediate and advanced skiers, there is plenty of opportunity to drop in on some outstanding steeps. The Learners Tope Tow is a gentle slope, that provides plenty of space and is an ideal run for beginners.

The T-bar steps it up, by providing a great slope for intermediate level, with open and rolling terrain that is small but untouched. With T-bar remaining as a hidden gym and its vibrant atmosphere, it is rated as one of the best ski learning grounds in the North Island.

Snowplanet Indoor Snow Recreation

Providing year-round snow just minutes from the heart of Auckland, Snowplanet is the only indoor snow dome located in New Zealand. It provides plenty of fresh snow without having to venture into the mountains, so you can get your powder fix right on your doorstep.

By visiting Snowplanet, you can enjoy a wide range of winter activities, including skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and a fun snow play area for all children.

91 Small Rd, Silverdale, Auckland 0992

Auckland is in close proximity to some of New Zealand’s best ski destinations.

Whether you’re a local or tourist at any ski level, you can be sure that Auckland provides something for everyone. From a fantastic range of ski trails, jumps and runs; to breathtaking scenery and views, you can be sure to have the ski holiday of a lifetime at Auckland. Wicked Stag has Ski Accommodation packages available for all types of customers. There are also Auckland Ski Packages available to check out with our party planners.

New Zealand’s North Island provides some of the best ski conditions in the country, with Auckland being right in the heart of it all.

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