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Jared Jeffery

25 Feb, 2019, 5:39 am

“Smack that all on the floor. Smack that give me some more. Smack that ’till you get sore. Smack that oh-oooh!” What happens on the Gold Coast… stays on the Gold Coast. The GC is famous for its pristine beaches, warm weather, DJs and drop dead gorgeous ladies. There is a growing reputation surrounding the city’s exclusive nightlife, especially regarding the increasingly popular strip clubs. To quote Flo Rida, “From the top of the pole I watch her go down. She got me throwin’ my money around. Ain’t nothin’ more beautiful to be found. It’s goin’ down down“.

You will be astounded with the beauty of these girls and will be wishing you could sweep them away… but she don’t wanna be saved! Enjoy watching the professional dancers take it off for you, as you sit back and relax with the lads. Or if you’re particularly enticed sign up for your own private dance with whichever girl you’re crushing on! That’s if you can pick! T-Pain isn’t the only one “N Luv wit a stripper.”

Celebrating the last night of freedom, running a muck around the streets of Surfers with your best mates is not ever truly complete without a cheeky visit to one of the most popular strip clubs on offer. Take your pick, you will be drooling in no time at all. We promise.  Wickedbucks has been established in the GC’s party hub, Surfers Paradise, for quite some time now and as a result we have built some strong relationships with the best strip clubs in town to provide you with a wild night out at your next Buck’s event!

Gold Coast Strip Clubs

Hollywood Showgirls

Hollywood Showgirls located in Surfers Paradise is one of the local favourites, feel like you have been transported to Hollywood Boulevard with these girls celebrity level talent and bodies. Definitely a hot spot of a Saturday night with some of the biggest crowds flocking to see this show.

Players Showgirls

For all the players among your Buck’s party, you will feel right at home visiting Players Showgirls. Located on Orchid Ave, the buzzing street goes OFF every night of the weekend and the girls will dance for you all night long.

Toybox Gentlemen’s Club

Toybox Gentlemen’s Club girls are extremely down to earth and take pride in remembering their customers! Let a good hearted girl with a killer bod and crazy moves blow your mind for the night as she strips for you.

If you would like to keep the party rolling all day and night, sign up to one of our popular Buck’s party packages that will have the boys rearing to hit the town and make memories that you’ll find hard to forget. Contact one of our friendly party planners now!

Gold Coast Topless Waitresses

Perhaps you are just looking for the sexy addition of some local Topless Waitresses to poor you and the boys ice cold drinks all night or feed you grapes as you huddle in your man cave. Whatever you’re after, Wickedbucks has you covered with some super professional and highly attractive toplesss ladies that don’t mind if you stare…

Gold Coast Clubs

Once you finish up with the alluring dances or simply can’t keep the boys downstairs still anymore, step outside and carry on at one of many popular nightclubs located a few minutes walk from any of the mentioned strip clubs. Listen to the trending DJ setlists and club bangers at one of our favourite clubs, where you can have your own go at swinging around a pole.

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