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Stag Indoor and Outdoor Go Karting

Get those engines roaring! Our go-karting challenges are a fun, thrill-seeking activity that pits mates against mates.

Wicked has found the best indoor and outdoor tracks for your Stag crew. You’ll thrash it out in the indoor field with 10 laps to warm up before the big race – 3 x 10 laps around the course. The average lap time is around 64 seconds but some drivers are quicker than others.


Our outdoor Stag go karting challenges are exhilarating, with some of the tracks offering 100 go-karts, three outdoor tracks, and the famous Schumacher Go-Kart – named after that legendary Formula 1 driver, of course.

Outdoor go-karting lets you hit higher speeds and you have more environmental challenges – you and your crew will love every lap of this hair-raising adventure.

Even if you don’t snare the coveted winner’s trophy, everyone is a winner with an indoor or outdoor go-karting experience as it fulfills the need for speed, providing the ultimate adrenaline rush!


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Reasons Why You'll Enjoy Wicked Stag's Indoor and Outdoor Go Karting

  • Go Karting Stag Challenge
  • All equipment provided
  • Average 50-60 laps each
  • License fee included
  • Return Transfer

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