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Stag Paintball Skirmish

If you’re looking for a Stag adventure that makes you feel like a real-life action hero then our paintball skirmish experience is right up your alley. If you have never participated in a paintball skirmish before, be prepared to duke out with some friendly competition with you and your best mates as you undertake a variety of missions, often with real-life military props and obstacles for some realistic gameplay.

Choose from a number of our Wicked missions including “Capture the Flag,” “Rob the Nest,” and “Hunt the Stag”. Most of our paintball skirmish activities run from 2.5 to 3 hours and your group will be provided with generally 400 paintballs, guns, goggles, field action, and camouflage overalls, to really get you into the spirit of things – so let the games begin!


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Reasons Why You'll Enjoy A Wicked Stag Paintball Skirmish Experience

  • Paintballs, gun, goggles, camouflage overalls & field action
  • Safety equipment
  • Return coach transfers

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