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Looking for the top Queenstown Strip Clubs?

Image Credit: Club Soho

The better you make them feel the better they are going to make you feel, that applys for all the Queenstown strippers. When it comes to the ultimate stag do in Queenstown, Wicked Stag understands the lads & hens priorities. That is why we have put together a guide to the best strip clubs in Queenstown.

All you need to know about Queenstown Strip Clubs…

There are a few things that you need to take note of when choosing the perfect strip club for your big night out. First things first you need to ensure you have prepared your wallet with lots of cash as everyone knows a happy stripper is one that is being paid.

It is always important that you are respectful to the ladies as there is nothing worse than one of the lads being kicked out and ruining the night for everyone. Most importantly pace yourself with your drinks, you want to ensure that your night lasts as long as possible, no one likes the overly drunk friend that can’t hold himself. If you stick to these few simple rules you will be fine.

Queenstown Strippers

There are three main strip clubs that are worth checking out with the lads on your stag do or ladies on a hens night out in Queenstown. There is nothing better than having a big night with the boys or ladies at the strippers. With a range of different stag shows you can choose from you will have experiences on offer of all tastes.

Strip Club 1: The Club Queenstown

queenstown strippers the club queenstown

Image Credit: The Club Queenstown

If you are looking for one of the finest strip tease and stag venues in Queenstown, look no further. The club has awesome live music, burlesque shows and is the perfect venue for a stag do or hens party. When it comes to unique entertainment you won’t be disappointed with these beautiful exotic girls.

Make sure the wallet is full as you will be needing it here. There are private rooms, booths, live music and a stage to choose from. There are plenty of beautiful women and guys performing to ensure your night is packed full of raunchy surprises. Definitely a place for those who are looking for something more than just a strip club.

If you would like a complete night full of fun activities be sure to get in contact with our speciality party planners for the perfect stag do package or hens party package for a truly memorable night out in Queenstown

Contact Wicked Stag Party Planners | Location: 12 Church St, Queenstown 9300 , Opening Time: 9pm – late

Strip Club 2: Club Soho Queenstown

Image Credit: Club Soho

Treat the Stag to a Stag Show at Club Soho in Queenstown. You will be on stage with one of their beautiful girls being whipped, waxed, creamed and tortured for purely the groups entertainment. These gorgeous hunnies will ensure your pallet is quenced all night long.

The stag won’t forget this night anytime soon with this one of a kind stag show. The Club has recently been renovated and reopened offering a brand new atmosphere and theme to check out. The beautiful girls at Soho will be on hand to ensure your night is full of pleasure and pain.

Perfect place where you can have a drink, enjoy the entertainment, even better service and some of the best pole dancers around the world. You will have the best view in town thats for sure. So next time you are thinking of heading out to a stripclub in Queenstown think of Club Soho Queenstown.

If you are looking for a complete night full of activities and multiple venues for the lads or hens, get in touch with one of our specialist stag do party planners to put together the perfect package for the lads stag do or ladies out on a hens night.

Contact Wicked Stag Party Planners | Location: Level 1, 54 Shotover St, Queenstown 9300, Opening Time: 8pm – late

Stripper Entertainment: Queenstown Diamond Dancers

Image Credit: Queenstown Diamond Dancers

Looking for a some strippers in Queenstown for a stag party or bucks party? Well the Diamond Dancers are the strip tease specialists. Dressed in cute cat costumes this stunning kittens will take care of all your adult shows, topless waitressing and topless poker dealers. The Diamond Dancers know how to have a great night when it comes to a stag party in Queenstown.

Your every desire plus a few you didn’t think of will be acted out for the stag on stage in front of the group. Maybe spark things up with a panty grinding show or some more sensual girl on girl entertainment. Next time you are heading out to the stripclubs in Queenstown, consider a few cheeky waitresses from Queenstown Diamon Dancers. Make your stag weekend one to remember for years to come.

Contact Wicked Stag Party Planners | Location: Queenstown

Stripper Entertainment: Indulge Me Strippers

Image Credit: Indulge Me Strippers NZ

If you are after some great adult entertainment for the lads stag do or hens party on your night out this is the perfect place for you. These speciality dancers are all about creating memories that will last for a lifetime.

Definitely not for the faint hearted so make sure you are prepared for an impressive performance. When the professional girls take center of attention, all eyes will be on point.

You can have the girls in all different kinds of outfits whatever your preference. 

If you are after a complete night of activities for the perfect stag do or hens party, be sure to get in touch with our specialist party planners at Wicked for the perfect Queenstown party package.

Contact Wicked Stag Party Planners | Location: Queenstown

Need help booking girls or topless waitresses for you stag do or hens party?

queenstown topless watresses wicked stag

Topless Waitresses Queenstown

The party planning team at Wickedstag have a number of beautiful girls available for all types of entertainment for the lads or hens. When it comes to having a good time no one does it better! With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied party goers, you can count on us to ensure that your night is one to remember. 

Whether it is a day out on the green, topless poker dealers, topless waitresses, private bartenders, private strip shows or themed girls in costumes we have them all.  Get in touch with Wicked Stag today to find out how we can put the finishing touches on your stag party. We also have a range of brilliant stag packages and planned day/night activities to suit every party style and budget.

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