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Jared Jeffery

20 Oct, 2020, 2:50 am


stag party gifts

When you’re so busy organising the perfect stag party for your buddy, it’s easy to forget to think about a gift. While partygoers aren’t expected to come bearing a gift, it’s a simple way to make the man of the hour feel even more special. 

But the process of finding the perfect gift can be almost as overwhelming as the wedding planning itself! And let’s face it – you’ve probably already forked out a few dollars in the name of the soon-to-be groom. 

To help make your life a bit easier and ensure your presence isn’t the only gift you offer, Wicked Stag has put together a list of stag party gift ideas. We’ve included a range of different ideas to suit dudes from every walk of life, so you’re bound to find something that will tick all the right boxes.

Top Five Stag Party Gift Ideas 

Funny Gag Stag Party Gifts

We’ve all heard the saying; boys will be boys? The reason this phrase is used so often is simply that it’s true. As soon as you round up the lads, the laughter, banter and cheeky antics will be flowing – whether you’re 18 or 56. 

Funny gag stag party gifts are always a hit because they can often be used at the stag party and will have the entire gang in fits of laughter. Some hilarious gift ideas to lighten the mood include funny party tee-shirts, an inflatable beer pong table, goofy hats, blow-up wife doll or an emergency pair of underpants.  

Plenty of these gift ideas are also an opportunity for everyone to get involved. If you gift the soon-to-be groom with a range of matching party hats that you end up wearing together to the nightclubs, you’re guaranteed to have a lifetime worth of memories, stories and laughs to look back on in years to come.

Classy and Elegant Stag Party Gifts 

If your buddy is accustomed to the finer things in life, consider a classy, high-quality gift for his stag celebration. These presents are often the type of things that are kept for many years and bring back fond memories of the party that went down in history. 

Some of the most popular picks for classy and elegant stag party gifts include a pocket watch, cuffs links, tie, shaving kit, a high-quality leather belt or pocket square. You can also round up the party-goers and get everyone to put in a few dollars to ensure you can get the perfect classy gift.

The Gift of an Experience 

Rather than giving the stag a physical present, you may choose to gift him with an unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether it’s an experience for during the stag celebration or a special something for him to do at a later date, gifting an experience is a particularly great option for the adrenaline-seeking adventurers of the world. 

Treat the man of the hour to a round of golf at a world-class green, a day at the race track, tickets to an upcoming sporting event, skydiving, rock climbing or even a hot air balloon ride. While he won’t have something that he can actually take home with him, the memories from this experience will probably last much longer than anything else you could offer!

Personalised Stag Party Gifts 

Nothing says special occasion like a personalised gift. By having an item personalised by engraving or printing, you take an extra step to make the gift that little bit more meaningful. The list of options is literally almost endless, catering to both the budget-friendly and those looking to go all out. 

Consider gifting the stag a personalised key chain, pen, flask, glass stein, can, lighter or playing cards. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even gift everyone attending the party with a personalised gift to commemorate the event. When you’re cheering with your matching, personalised beer glasses – the stag is going to be pretty chuffed. 

Hobby Stag Party Gifts

If you’re still scratching your head and wondering what to give the stag, consider what he likes doing in his spare time. What are his hobbies? How does he spend his weekends? What is his missus always complaining that he does too often? 

For grooms that are passionate about a particular activity, a related gift is thoughtful and unique. It could be an accessory, a souvenir or anything that really helps them pursue their passion. 

If he is a keen sports fan, you may consider a jersey from his favourite team, a fishing rod, camping gear or a limited edition ball. If he’s more of a motorhead, maybe a tire tool kit, auto cleaning gear or even a custom garage sign. As the best man, you should know the stag better than just about anyone attending the party – so this bit should be easy!

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