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Jared Jeffery

17 Apr, 2019, 6:50 am

When visiting Taupo, there are plenty of bars and nightlife venues to experience. With heaps of different options to suit all preferences, you can be sure to fall in love with the vibrant nightlife in Taupo.

When visiting Taupo, there are plenty of bars and nightlife venues to experience. With heaps of different options to suit all preferences, you can be sure to fall in love with the vibrant nightlife in Taupo.

The nightlight in Taupo concentrates around the bars in the city centre and the row of restaurants and bars of Tutankei Street. Taupo boasts a wide range of popular places to check out, including breweries, wine bars, craft beer bars, Irish pubs and more. Each venue not only provides great drinks and a place to enjoy the night, but also a good variety of food choices also.

There is no shortage of choice, providing you and your friends the perfect place to have a few too many drinks and enjoy a great night out. Each different venue has its own unique taste, making it a great place to crawl through each venue as the night goes on.

You can be sure that your night out in Taupo will be one to remember, if you haven’t had one too many drinks, which is very unlikely.

If you were wondering what the best places are to visit on a night out in Taupo, we have made things easy for you by rounding up a list of the most popular venues in town.

Crafty Trout Brewing

Brewery in Taupo

Crafty Trout Brewing provides a great places to start your drinking. The brewery provides a great place for you to down a few beers, with a wide range of German music to enjoy.

With large jugs of craft beer, you’ll be sure to feel it after a glass or two. It provides a great setting to enjoy drinks with your friends, as there are comfy leather sofas and a great sunny verandah for you to sit down, relax, and start sending those beers straight down the hatch.

There are also plenty of delicious meals, with fish and chips and wood-fired pizza being the main staples. If you have any room there is also a great porter-filled chocolate truffle for dessert. But, with the amount of beer you’ll be drinking, we seriously doubt you’ll have any room for that!

133 Tongariro St, Taupo 3330

Vine Eatery & Bar

Wine Bar in Taupo

This widely popular wine bar provides a great place to enjoy a few too many bottles of vino with your friends.

As you walk in, you’ll notice the chandeliers that hang from the ceiling are made from wine glasses and that there are comfy booths to sit in.

The Vine Eatery & Bar also provides the opportunity to take some bottles home that you like, with an amazing zap-chilling service that will cool your bottle in minutes. You can also enjoy some traditional tapas with your bottle or enjoy some delicious mains.

37 Tuwharetoa St, Taupo 3330


Craft Beer in Taupo

Lakehouse in Taupo is well known as craft beer central. With the fridge being full of unique bottles that you’ve probably never heard of and around nine taps serving a great selection of the most up and coming brews, you can be sure to enjoy some great new lagers.

You can order a tasting box of four beers for $15 and partner them with a nice wood-fired pizza or stone-grilled steak. The outside seating area also provides great lake views, with even glimpses of the mountains.

10 Roberts Street, Taupo 3330

The Deck

Bar in Taupo

Probably the most popular place to go in Taupo, The Deck is a great place to spend the night and enjoy some beers. It provides panoramic pool-table views of Lake Taupo, which are sure to delight.

Beers are very affordable at only $5 a pop, with house-infused vodka available if you start feeling a little too bloated from beer. It gets even better with giant platters, burgers, seafood and meaty mains available for you to order.

There is also sheltered and open decking for you to go out and socialise with your friends over some drinks and food.

5 Tongariro Street, Taupo

Finn MacCuhal’s

Irish Pub in Taupo

If you love a good Irish pub, then Finn MacCuhal’s will not disappoint. There is a Irish ephemera nailed all over the walls, with even a backpackers located next door.

There are fantastic bands and DJs that play, making you want to dance, drink and turn the night into one that fun-filled.

10 Tuwharetoa St, Taupo 3330

Jolly Good Fellows

Pub in Taupo

Jolly Good Fellows is another great pub in Taupo with lashings of colonial cliches and London pride on tap. It also provides a great selection of New Zealand craft beers with a fantastic outdoor area that boasts amazing lake views.

Our list of Taupo’s top nightlife venues provides a wide range of options for you to experience. With a wide range of great bars throughout the city, there is something for everyone and you can be sure to find a venue thats perfect for you.

Whether you are looking to go all out and dance the night away, or enjoy a nice relaxed night with some good live music, Taupo has it all. There is no shortage of choice in Taupo, with the city’s nightlife continuing to attract so many visitors each year.

Taupo continues to provide a great place to experience New Zealand nightlife for both local and visitors alike. With Taupo providing a great selection of impressive bars and nightlife venues, you can be sure to enjoy a fantastic night with your friends.

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