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Jared Jeffery

17 Apr, 2019, 4:36 am

If you’re wanting to explore the very best of New Zealand, Taupo better be on your list. It provides a great base to explore the magnificent Central North Island, with plenty of stag party activities to suit everyone.

New Zealand is commonly referred to as the adventure capital of the world, with Taupo right in the heart of it all. It is located among some of the most diverse landscape, with volcanic mountains, lakes, rivers and bush all within close distance.

If you’re looking for stag adrenaline activities that are sure to get your heart racing, then Taupo ticks all of the boxes. From bungy jumping, sky diving and jet boating, you can be sure to get your adrenaline fix from the abundance of stag ideas on offer.

With some of the very best adrenaline activities provided in Taupo, we have found the ideal list just for you.

Bungy Jumping

Taupo provides some excellent opportunities for Bungy jumping if that’s what you’re into.

Located 47 metres above the Waikato River is a jumping platform for you to take a plunge. It is New Zealand’s highest water touch bunny jump, making it the perfect place to jump

Whether you prefer to go solo or tandem, high and dry, or even dunked right up to your ankles in water, you can be sure to have an amazing bunny jumping experience.

From the top of the platform you can also see some stunning views of Lake Taupo and its surrounds.

There is also the opportunity to take a jump or spectate from the Huka Falls, which is situated a close distance upstream.

Jet boating

This is an activity that always receives rave reviews. Jet boating provides a very fun experience while providing the opportunity to explore some of New Zealand’s beautiful scenery.

At dizzying speeds, you’ll be surprised how much of a kick this activity can provide. Especially when you brace yourself for the 360 spins at a very high pace.

White water rafting

One of the most popular activities in Taupo is white water rafting. With the location combining natural elements of superb white water rapids, pristine environment with lush native bush and crystal-clear drinkable water, it really is a world class setting that is sure to delight.

This is an activity that books out quickly, so make sure you get this done early to not miss out on the amazing experience. There’s no white water rafting like there is in Taupo!


If you’re looking for an even bigger jump, then it doesn’t get any better than this. Skydiving over Lake Taupo has also proven to be one of its most popular activities and its easy to see why.

With the views of the region and its surrounds, including the mountains across the lake and out to the coast, the experience is described as out of this world. Literally!

You can jump anywhere between 9,000 – 18,500 ft and choose from a selection of different camera styles to get the perfect photo of this unforgettable experience.

After doing this skydive, you’ll start to wonder if there is anything that even scares you anymore. It truly is a life changing activity.

Ski & snowboard

Try your luck at skiing and snowboarding, with Mt Ruapehu located in close proximity. It is home to Whakapapa, which is the largest ski destination in New Zealand, providing plenty of opportunity for your to test your ability on the slopes.

Being 2.3km above sea level, Whakapapa is surrounded by postcard views of Tongariro National Park.

With 67 named runs, there are plenty of excellent tracks for you to master the basics or challenge yourself throughout the black and diamond runs. The more difficult runs are by no means easy, providing an adrenaline fix for even some of the most experienced riders.

The mountain also provides amazing views, has an excellent ski school and an abundance of tracks, making it the perfect place to ski and snowboard.

With Taupo being located right near Mount Ruapehu, you have easy access to one of the best ski destinations in New Zealand.

If you’re wanting to experience some of the best adrenaline activities in New Zealand, then Taupo is the perfect starting point. There are plenty of activities to suit everyone needs, from pretty relaxed activities to those that are absolutely exhilarating and get the hands sweating.

Taupo is a real highlight of the Central North Island, as it boasts an extremely diverse landscape. This has provided the opportunity for visitors and residents alike to experience so much, with an abundance of outdoor activities on offer.

There are a wide range of amazing landscapes and action packed activities on offer in Taupo, meaning you are sure to have the adventure holiday of a lifetime. With something for everyone in Taupo, you won’t go home disappointed.

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