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Jared Jeffery

08 Mar, 2019, 5:51 am

Look, you love your erstwhile Stag. He’s a good mate, a great man. He’s been with you through thick and thin, and you’d battle and die for the man. But there’s an insidious element of being besties. You absolutely have to mess with him.

It’s just right. No one else in his circle, from his dear old mum and dad, to his missus to be, are there to call him out publicly or will endeavour to make him feel that beautiful level of discomfort or strain that makes his face go beet-red. And New Zealand caters to this taste for adrenalin like few other places on earth.

If you’re planning as Stag party in Wellington, there are an absolute bevy of activities that are at your fingertips to ensure that your man gets his fair share of terror on this otherwise happy occasion. Send him tumbling out of a plane. Light him up with live(ish) fire. Watch him hurtle towards the river below. The best part of all this variety? You get to cater your activities to line up perfectly with his greatest fears.

So let’s make it happen. What sort of adrenaline activites can you expect in Wellington?

Go Karting in Wellington

Look, ever since you started driving actual cars, perhaps you view go-karts as child’s play. Nothing could be further from the truth. A well-matched set of karts, and a well-designed track, puts you, quite literally, in the driver’s seat for a proper racing experience. It’s not about power out there on the track – it is how well you can handle your cart. Choose your line carefully, and block away at those hungry racers behind you. A true test of your driving skill.

Paintball Skirmish Wellington

No, we don’t mean fire up a dart. Paintballing is one of the biggest thrills you can find anywhere. With ‘Fortunate Son’ playing in your ears, you need to put to good use all of those war movies you have watched over the years. Stay low. Move quickly through the open. And when you get the chance, light up your opponent, centre mass. Wellington has some amazing paintballing venues too.

Skiing in Wellington

New Zealand provides a very, very high standard for skiing and snowboarding venues. On both the North and the South Island, you find some unique spots where the skiing and boarding is nigh-unmatched throughout the Asia-Pacific. From alpine powder, to the glades, even helicopter access, for you high rollers. Few thrills can match this one – and the views are nothing to sneeze at, either.


Hear us out on this one. It might not come across as your typical Stag activity, but many of you have not seen the landscapes that are presented to you in lovely New Zealand. In particular, the experience in some areas is not nearly as dull as one might imagine when they hear the word ‘trekking’. In particular, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, near Taupo, is a world-class hike that attracts people from all around the world. Closer to Welly, the Skyline trail is a stunner. If you want something a bit different – perhaps a slower burn to your adrenalin fix – you might consider giving this activity a go.

Canyon Swing Wellington

You remember the swing set from back in your elementary school days, right? Ok, now multiply that by about four thousand times, and you are getting close to the reality of what faces you on this day. A canyon swing sees you reach some ridiculous speeds, after, of course, you survive the initial free fall from the platform. Get ready to feel some serious G-forces – this one will truly take your breath away.

Bungy Jump in Wellington

Perhaps the words ‘leap of faith’ are thrown around a bit too much today, but in this case, they are being used aptly. A bungee jump is NOT for the faint-hearted, and perhaps more than many of the other stag party activities here, it gives you – and the boys – a front-row seat to your Bucks’ level of worry. That’s always good for a laugh. Don’t hesitate mate – we are all watching you!

Skydiving Freefall

This might just top the list for sheer thrills. Jumping out of a moving airplane at 4000 metres, despite all the assurances from your expert guide on this tandem jump, will give even the most stoic of Buck a moment of pause. Freefall down at terminal velocity, before feeling that welcome tug as the canopy opens, and you cruise gently back to earth.

I mean, a walk down the aisle can’t be a very big deal after an experience like this one. He might even thank you for it.

Here in Wellington, there are no shortages of methods that we can employ to ensure that your Buck is sending off his bachelorhood in the most memorable way possible. Washed down with some food and drink, and a night on the town, and you have the recipe for the perfect Stag party in Wellington.

Contact our stag party planners today, and let’s plan a bespoke jam that will leave nothing on the table.

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